Roboto font that Google made For Android

Roboto is first designed for Google Android mobile phones and tabs. Roboto is an attractive san-serif font, and presently it available as a free download for further projects as well.

Google roboto font

The android phone which shipped before has come up with the Droid sans family of fonts. Then with the release of Android 4.0 or ice cream Sandwich, Google made Roboto as default system font powering the whole Android UI from menus to in-screen text buttons.

The Roboto files .ttf (true Type Font) has been accessible on many file sharing sites for a while. Now Roboto too officially available for free download like other Google web fonts, and you can free download it from

This font is released beneath the Apache software license. So, you can use it for any project. You can use it in Photo shops and in different Microsoft programs. You can also use it on your old android phone by installing font charger app and set roboto as your default font without upgrading to sandwich. Still you have to “root” your Android device to alteration the system font which may not be worth the risk for most people.

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