10 Best Youtube Channel for IIT JEE Preparation

Learning concepts from the textbook is really not a good way or entertaining way. We all like watching youtube videos. Why don’t you use the same for IIT JEE preparation which helps you to save your precious time and make some significant concepts clearer and clarifies the harder ones? Watch the youtube video mentioned below to speed up your preparation process and learn well in a fun way and less exhausting.

These are some best Youtube Channels that helps you to prepare IIT JEE effectively.

10 Best Youtube Channel for IIT JEE Preparation

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Best Youtube Channel for IIT JEE Preparation

Takshzila Shikshak

Takshzila Shikshak is a very popular channel that helping students to clear CAT and GRE. They also have some brilliant videos in permutations, combinations and probability. The tutor is very skilled and experienced and he clarifies the underlying concepts which comfort. There are more than 500 videos.

You can easily prepare for your competitive exams just from home as videos were updated regularly to clarify your doubts.

Ajnish Gupta

Ajnish Gupta videos are really a good source to clear all your doubts in organic chemistry.  Ajinish videos will drive away your fears that are related to organic chemistry.  The concepts are well explained and the channel is devoted to JEE level organic chemistry.

Now it’s quite easy to learn the fundamentals of chemistry. There are more than 130 videos available.


IITJEE Master Videos are intended at helping you to upsurge your speed while resolving some of the complicated problems of Physics. Spending some time watching these videos can inspire you to try and find smarter methods to solving JEE problems. There are more than 730 videos.

If you want you can order 700 hours of HD video lectures with a only one SD Card of 32 GB with a judicious price.

MIT Open Course Ware

If you are planning to learn the concept in-depth then you must try this MIT open course ware. There are some of the courses offered JEE level and will actually give you a control over the others.

MIT mission is to educate students in technology and science by intact with this channel. MIT videos are very clear and easy to learn. There are more than 3800 videos available.

Physics Galaxy for JEE mains

Physics Galaxy is a very famous among the students who are preparing for IIT-JEE examination. The videos from this channel will give you courage to attempt your main’s physics paper easily. If you want good marks in physics JEE mains this channel is worth watching.

All videos about Physics are prepared by Ashish Arora. He is one of the top Physics teachers in India. There are more than 6525 videos.

 Rao IIT Academy 

Rao Academy is a well-known academy for coaching in JEE mains and advanced. Some of their videos are offered online. The videos content and quality of the videos are decent enough. These videos will help you to bang the strong JEE exams.

There are more than 730 videos available.

Pradeep Kshetrapal 

This is another channel for chemistry.  In this channel you can learn chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer, biology and English. Many videos are uploaded for the student’s sake in the different chapter with corresponding lectures.

Classroom videos are mixed with English and hindi language that will help the students to learn better. There are more than 6530 videos

Michael Van Biezen

This is really a great channel and when you feel lazy or when you have low motivation then watch this video. In this video you will learn and get lot from them.

This channel holds video lectures of mathematics, chemistry, Physics, astronomy and mechanical engineering. Video clarifies the fundamental concepts of with easy explanatory which is quite easy to understand. There are more than 2550 videos.

Mohit Tyagi

Mohit is a graduate from IIT Delhi. His approach and understanding towards mathematics is adorable. Mohits videos are intended at students who are preparing for JEE, so his videos are brittle and to the point.

Of course, Maths is the most unloved subject by the applicants at all times but these videos clear up your doubt by an easy method.

There are more than 1250 videos available


mLearning is a great source for beginners to find their  method around complex. Mlearning videos are ver informative and well placed. These videos are prepared by different lectures to accomplish the needs of the students. Mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology subjects are enclosed by this channel and there are more than 4377 videos.

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