How To Alter The Name To The iPhone, Mac Or Other Apple Device

For several years you have been operating an Apple device but you may not understand all its facts. When you share your iPhone hotspot to your kids or friends you can find that your iPhone don’t have an appropriate name. it simply shows iPhone. So if you like have the own name for your iPhone here is the guide to alter the name of all your Apple devices.

Its quite easy to change the name of your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iWatch, AirPods, iPod and all. Here we will see how to alter the name as per your wish.

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How to alter the name to a Mac

Altering the name to the Mac is very simple. Just go “system preferences” -> share. There you can find “Name of the computer”. Now click on edit and type the name you wish and the save the changes.

Once the name is edited, the new name of your Mac will be displayed on the shared network and on other places too (like find my iPhone).

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How to alter the name to an iPad or iPhone

If you need to alter the name to an iPad or an iPhone, you have 2 choices.

Method 1:

The first choice is by going to iTunes you can access the info of your device and click two times on its name. Now you can change it as per your desire.

Method 2:

The second way is, go to settings -> click on general ->  click on about and edit the name of your ipad or iPhone. In addition to altering in Quest for my iPhone, the name of the network created once you share the net from this device will be altered.

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How to alter the name to an AirPods or Apple watch

It is quite easy to change the name of your Apple watch. As earlier, by going to watch app in your iPhone you can change it. Go to “settings” click on “general” then click on “about” to alter the name.

You can also change the name of AirPods. To do this you need to take out one of them and place it in your ear. Once placing it in your ear, in the iPhone, Go to settings -> click on Bluetooth then click the round icon “i”. here you can change the name of AirPods.

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Now you are done. Now the name of your Apple devices iPad, iPhone, iPod, AirPods, iWatch and Mac have the name of your own collections. Check it via app or iCloud to locate my iPhone, where you can see the names of your devices, varying on the devices you take.

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