Some Really Cool And Must Have​ Gadgets

Electronic Gadgets are getting littler and tinier, and we all look to consume our own unique must-have gadgets. You definitely already have a smartphone and if you are looking for really smart, new and portable gadget. Following are some cool and smart gadgets. 

Bluesmart bag :

Bluesmart bag was one of the first and smart carry-on, which triggered a stimulation on the market. While it is a great carry-on with many worthy smart features. First download the app and pair it with suitcase, which is quite known process subsequently the app displays all you need to do.

Smart gadget - smart suitcase

The suitcase comes with lots of space for clothes, accessories, shoes, etc., and the second compartment for both laptop and tablet which is quite easy to accessible via an outside fold.


Air purifier – Airmega:

Airmega Air – The Wi-Fi-connected Airmega Air Purifiers designed for huge indoor areas and has a united air quality sensor and binary kinds of filters that remove the dust up to 0.3 size microns.

This model has wireless abilities, it comes with a special app that lets you to make air purification plans, check out-of-doors air quality, and regulator the air walk while you are out from home.

Airmega tells you the real-time about the air quality in the place/room and with the colourful LED ring, we can understand each minute whether air is clean or harmful.


Samsung Powerbot – Robot Vacuum

samsung powerboat - robot vacuum

Samsung Powerbot – Robo Vacuum – Afore buying the robotic vacuums, you need to understand two things: is it good at cleaning, and you can leave it lonely and hope that it will complete the job? The Samsung POWERBOT – Robot Vacuum has a strong suction power and a smart camera-based navigation system. It robotically corrects the suction power to the ground, manoeuvres cleverly and easily criss-cross different surface types.

Pocket size selfie drone:

Pocket size selfie drone is becoming popular among youngsters. This air selfie drone comes with self-generated Wi-Fi, 5 mega pixel video camera, and flying time 3 minutes. This selfie drone flies up to 20 m, lets you to click faultless aerial selfies of you, your family and friend’s exclusive of missing the scenery or the surrounding landmarks.

Pocket scan

Pocket scan - portable scan

A wireless Pocket size scanner helps you to scan documents and photos on go. It scans all formats such as A4, documents, photos, letter etc. also acknowledges tables and texts which you can use it to edit in excel and word.

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