How To Make Your Phone To Read Out Loud On Android 

Android device helps you to read out the text louder. If you wish to do multitask, this feature will be really helpful, when your eyes are busy in doing some work, your android will help by reading the text louder. So, you no need to take your mobile to read the message / articles.

Now you no need to allot time to read news or anything on mobile screen as the following apps will do that job for you. You can get your work done while you are driving a car or when doing a routine job.

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How To Make Your Phone To Read Out Loud On Android 

Google Assistant

In Android, you can use voice command read my text messages and it will convey them in order of very latest primary. Subsequently every message, you have option to select reply / recap the message, afore moving to the next message.

Google assistant is an official app, it turns your smart phone into virtual assistant. You can awaken your assistant just by taping on home button or say “ok Google”. You can also easily connect it to Google home, smart watch etc. via configuration.

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Text-to-speech feature in android that will read out the ebook, apps, messages, etc. for you but you have to select the text manually that you desire to hear. You can use this feature in just two easy-going steps.

  • Just jump in to “settings” click “accessibility” the click “text-to-speech”. Here settings may differ, it depends on what mobile you are using. For an instance, In samsung mobile you can prefer between Samsung or Google’s text-to-speech function. Now modify the pitch and speech rate and play a sample to know how it sounds.
  • Now jump back to “Accessibility” screen -> scroll low and click “select to speak” to clasp it on.
  • Now you can see a small icon on the screen (in the corner) with a speech bubble. Do the following to use that feature.
  • Go to the app or pages that you want to read out loud.
  • Click the speech bubble icon then choose the paragraph or text you want to read.

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Third-Party Apps

If you don’t have Google assistant or if you desire hand-free involvement, it better going to third party app.

Outloud is a free app, here you can also read report from one app. If you want you can go for paid version for $1.99 which lets you to choose unlimited apps.

After selecting the app, drive to “preferences”to shot the feature on. In “preferences”, you can customize on and off to automatic while linked to Bluetooth or when headphones is plugged in. these settings will be very useful when you are in travel, for an nstance you no need to take mobile out from your bag to hear message.

Additional settings like you can scheduling time for outloud to turn off and on, block particular words to stop reading it loud and choosing TTS engine.

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