5 Best Apps To Make Your Instagram Story Remarkable

Instagram Story – The latest trend in social media is Instagram stories. By active users approaching 250 lakhs per day, it is indeed the new-fangled way that companies and people share matter online.

The Instagram stories will disappear after 24 hours. So, it is merely usual that you would desire your Instagram Story to consent a long-lasting mark. Here are some best apps for Instagram stories which yields it to next level.

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Best Apps To Make Your Instagram Story Remarkable

5 Best Apps To Make Your Instagram Story Remarkable

Handle The Insta Crop With Nocrop

Instagram crop maximum part of images in landscape mode which ruins a beautiful pic. But no worries as Nocrop is there to help us.

By using Nocrop you can resize the image to apt in to “insta mode”, it also revitalizes the time of the image. So now it’s quite easy to make stories by using images though it is more than 24 hours old.

Nocrop is available for free in play store.

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Add In Music With Inshot

Do you have a beautiful view of blue rivers and green hills but with annoying background sound? Don’t worry, inshot is there to solve your problem. It has a collection of amazing soundtracks which can really jazz up every video.

If your video has several background sounds, you can prefer to eliminate it completely. To do that, just open the video, insert the Music and drop the background sound then save it.

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Use Hyperlapse to speedup videos

There is 15 seconds time limit in Instagram which is not sufficient to convey the full images. racing up a video can truly seems to be helpful. And Microsoft Hyperlapse is really useful tool to fulfil our needs. It is easy to use, just import the file and it will take care of further things.

Of course, speeding up the things does need its own time, conversely, the finale results are awesome and Instagram-friendly.

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Give A Twist To The Story With Seezer

Sneezer is a great app, if you like to mix some various parts in your instagram stories then sneezer is the best app. Here sneezer allows you to take dual images and allows you initiate the third part in the method of stickers, it may be the old picture or live one, simply upload it in sneezer, select the right mixer and allow you creativity to progress.

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Add In Cool Droolies With Drool

Drool is a coolest app that do miracles to your Instagram story or post and you need to sweat for that. This app has lots of droolies (attractive graphics) and also comes with many categories like party symbols, work quotes, food, masks etc.

The main feature of this app is the site centred designer photo filters. From taking the tagline of trendy food joints to attractive food graphics — it has everything.


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