How to Stay Safe When Using Free WiFi in Airports

Using free internet may seem very tempting but it is not safe. Here we are going see about the hazards and protections you need to take to defend yourself from the cyberattacks.

Public wifi is not protected by a keyword and lets to connect to the Internet in a relaxed and steadfast way. These nets do not encode the data that is transferred across them, so they are not protected. When you are connecting with this kind of public networks you are exposing your identifications, your passwords, your bank accounts, etc.


How to Stay Safe When Using Free WiFi in Airports

Tips to Protect yourself from Public Free WiFi network Connection

All Airports across the world frequently have open networks that can occasionally hide lure that cybercriminals use to benefit access to device and personal data. So, It is significant to take definite protections, like saving all apps up-to-date, properly configuring the security possibilities of your device and taking security tools available.

Never access sensitive information

Though your device is fully updated and secure device, and your browsing a genuine network … never forget that you are in a public abode.


Likewise, do not make any online purchase or buy the tickets in the subway and do not handle sensitive information when you are on a free Wi-Fi network. Because while doing online purchase you have to provide account info’s so be careful. 

Do the right thing at the right place, there is a place for everything, and a public network must be used for insignificant duties. For instance, send messages, whats app, Instagram, visiting a website, access social networks …

Check that you are on the official WiFi network

We already know about cybercriminals and how they produce false networks that abode in the similar area as a official network for free of an airport, or a college, or school to try to quest unsuspicious.

In several cases, they present it a name which seems like a similar to that of the real network.

Consequently, check the correct name when you input a network with free WiFi. For instance, if the official network name is ” abcd ” do not enter “Abcd4 “.


Snooping looks

In public places free networks are, always crowded. It does not take much time for cheaters to steal a phone number or a credit card number whilst entering it on your mobile. Just glance above your shoulder …

Hence, take extreme protections and confirm that nobody is observing you when you are typing a password. If necessary Cover the screen with your hand. 

Update your devices

Updating the operating system, all apps in your mobile, tablet and computer is very important afore accessing the free wifi. Because many viruses spear the barricades as they locate a security hole, which you might have shut by installing the consistent patch.

Always look for secure websites

When you are visiting the web pages, eternally look for webpages that have encrypted connection.

They are simply renowned as their URL address starts with HTTPS: //

And Normal web pages use HTTP: //

Secure websites encrypt direction-finding so detectives, even if they occur, will not be capable to understand anything.

They are naive instructions to carry out, and it will give you lots of problem if you see them. Enjoy your free WiFi!

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