Reducing Computer Eyestrain By Using Apps

Are you a person who working for long hours in computer? Here the software which helps you to reduce eyestrain, RSI and further computer related stress!

ecercise to eyes

Need to do to reduce eyestrain:

The computer screen is brighter, if you spend most of the day using computer then this might help you to reduce your eyestrain and helps to relax your eyes.

You should blink your eyes often while working on computer,  if you don’t blink your eyes often you may get redness in eyes or you can have dry eyes.

While working on computer you should take break for every 20 minutes, by looking at the object for 10-15 seconds which is 10 – 15 feet away.

Yes I can understand what you are thinking. Yes it is impossible for computer users to remember about taking break for every 20 minutes.  There is software to help you in this mission.

Eye Defender is software which programmed specially to take care of our eyes. An eye defender sits in the tray of your system, after a fixed interval it will remind you to take break and also it make you do visual exercises and helps to relax your eyes.

WorkRave is another app. It helps to prevent computer related eye strain. It offers 2 kinds of breaks (1) “Micro breaks” – this is short and mean to relax your eyes. (2) “Rest breaks” where   you are supposed to stretch or walk a little. Work rave has built in wizard which shows different types of stretching exercises to do during these breaks.


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