How to update Google Chrome on your Mac, iPhone, PC and Android

We know that Google Chrome is repetitively receiving updates because we are trailing them every single week and of course every day. And most of the time Google Chrome knobs these updates by itself. So, you may be admiring how to activate Chrome to manual update. Luckily, it is quite easy to update Google Chrome on your Mac, PC, iPhones and Android, and here we will show you how to update it.

Ways to upgrade Google Chrome on your PC or Mac

First, let’s see the circumstantial on how updates works in Google Chrome. By default, Google Chrome is continuously ensuring for the up-to-date version of Google Chrome to download. So, if you have landed on this editorial just because you need to confirm that Chrome is up-to-date or you devise the newest features, probabilities are you already do. If you have turned off auto updates for certain motive, updates will be downloaded robotically in the circumstantial as soon as they are available, and opening, closing and reopening your web browser (which we do many times a day) are pushing those downloaded updates live on your laptop or computer.

In several cases, the new version could be already downloaded, however Chrome is just awaiting for you to restart it. 

How to update Google Chrome on your Mac, iPhone, PC and Android

So, That’s what you might see the arrow mark in different colours on top-right corner of the browser (where you normally see the three dots “More” button). 

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Green arrow means the update has been waiting to install 2 days, orange means 4, and red means 7. 

It doesn’t matter whatever the case, just click on the arrow and tap on “Update Google Chrome” then restart your browser.

Of course, There are certain circumstances where you may not be robotically updated to the newest and most protected version of Google Chrome. As stated, if you turned off robotic updates, then you have to go through long process like going to chrome’s Settings menus every time to update.  

If you wish to do it manually simply do the following steps:

There, you can see the screen as shown above or something like that. You must check for updates manually, later which Chrome will notification there is a latest version than the one you are overseeing and it will download it as estimated. Then you can restart your browser manually and now you are running Google chrome on the latest version.

Ways to upgrade Chrome on iOS and Android.

Google chrome update on iOS and android device is much more forthright practice than updating in desktop version. Google enables updates to Google Chrome on Android and iOS via their relevant app stores.

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On Android device, just go to play store app -> go to “my apps and game”. Here you can see a complete list of apps that needs update. Just click update on google chrome app.

On iOS, just go to app store and click “updates” button. If google chrome has any new version you will see it there.

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