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Tips to Prolong the Lifespan of your Gadget’s Batteries

Your tablets, mobile phones, and laptops have rechargeable Li-Ion batteries that loose capability as they era but if you take good care, the batteries life span will increase to 2 – 3 years and even longer.

Tips to Prolong the Lifespan of your Gadget’s Batteries

Do you know what to do to increase the overall lifespan of your gadgets battery?

Are you keeping your mobile charged or waiting for the charge to descent to 0% before charging them again?

Tips to maximize the batteries life:

  • Elude profound discharge means you should not use the gadget until the battery drains down to 10%. It is suggested that the best charge level for Li-ion is between 40% – 70% and if possible try to charge your gadget in small spurts multiple times a day.
  • Never store your device that either completely discharged or fully charged, if you do so your device will lose it battery capacity. If you are planning to keep your device unused for six months to one year, it is important to charge your device up to 50% every six months. By doing so, your device battery health will maintain and decrease ageing effect.
  • If you are planning to not to use Gadget for long time (more than a month) It’s better to charge it to 50% before storing. If the device is charged to full, discharge it to half and switch off then store device in cool dry place.
  • Leaving your mobile in charge at night is not a problem but issue is in mobile case. The heat produced in the course of charge needs an exit vent, if you’re mobile doesn’t let that, it’s good to take out case before plugging your mobile to charge.
  • Do not leave your device in the car (on a hot afternoon) as long acquaintance to temperatures higher than 35 degree Celsius can damage the capacity of your device permanently.

No worries to the people who often upgrade their gadgets because you may keep replacing the device even before the battery starts vitiate. The above tips will be more useful to the people who do not upgrading their device often.

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