Important Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Use Everyday

If you are a blogger then these tools are very important for you to develop your blog and to achieve success. As you know, here success is getting more visitors to website or increasing your traffic.

There are lots of tools to get this work done and you no need to waste your time by trying new tools, following are some best tools.

Keyword Planner:

Keyword research is very important thing that every bloggers should study from day one. Google AdWords is a well-known keyword planner tool provided by Google which helps us to check traffic to the targeting keyword and helps in finding relevant or related keywords for your niche.

Every blogger should use Google keyword planner every day to find competition for a keyword, traffic and volume.


Grammarly is important tool for those who write lot. Though you are good in grammars, you may do mistakes while typing faster or in hurry. It corrects your spellings and a grammar as exact it wants to be.


It is vital for websites to stay updated with things and happenings. Many people surf the web for content regularly. Feedly helps you to stay updated. If one website offers content in RSS, you can just include that site to feedly and now you can read contents in that blog on your desktop, no need of going to the source site. You can see all new posts in one place.


Canva is a fantastic graphic design tool. It will be really useful for all bloggers. Canva has all type of images, text formats, layouts, frames and more. By using this tool you can make fantastic images for your website and social networks.


WordPress is most popular and well-known blogging platform. This platform is very easy to handle. WordPress produces lot of customization allowing users to add classy and powerful plugins in their blogs which makes your work easier.

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Google analytics:

If you started writing your article and your website started running then it’s time to have google Analytics for your website. It is free service gives statistics about a visitor to your website. You can see page views, time on site, page per visit, bounce rate and percentage of new visits and return visitors. It is must have tool for bloggers.

Google Webmasters:

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is crucial to websites for strong SEO. GWT helps to see your site as Google sees it, your most popular keyword, indexed pages on your site, and it has sitemap submission tool, so that Google come to know whenever your publish a new blog post and much more. A site which is active in webmaster tools has a good shot at being abundantly indexed and ranking well.


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