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How to Stop Facebook from Spying Your Information’s

Owing to the information leak from Cambridge Analytics, several have suggested to delete Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook platform for safety purpose. Though, if you are seeing for somewhat less profound then you are absolutely in the correct place. Then, here is a trick to stop Facebook from snooping on your information’s and you can complete it in just 2 minutes.

How to Stop Facebook from Spying Your Information’s

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One of the problem that worry customers when they approach a social net is the problem of privacy, specifically tailing the example of Cambridge Analytics and Facebook.

That is what some firms have consumed to work on this subject to gain the goodwill of their customers. It is none other than Firefox, which has built Facebook Container, an extension to avoid Facebook from snooping on your information’s.

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Then how it works?

This tool opens the platform of Zuckerberg in quarantine which is not in connection with the rest of the browser. In this method, it is prohibited from developing contact with the direction-finding data, cookies from further pages, movements and interests on the Internet.

Consequently, If you are exhausted of providing your personal information to the social net and  desire to install this extension to avoid Facebook from observing on your information, you have to drive to its certified download website and insert it to the browser.

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Once the installation is done, Social net will start in a blue tab which is free from all cookies, means, by way of if it were a type of  “advanced incognito mode”.

I hope this posting aid you to safeguard your secrecy on the Facebook social network.

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