Top 5 Best GBA Games That You Need To Play Right Now

The GBA (game boy advance) was very popular for its RPG and strategic games. It is a handheld video game type by Nintendo. It runs on the 16 bit & 32 bit platform devices.

In subsequent years, the whole comfort was given a renovation with all up-to-the-minute rechargeable batteries and backlit screen, which lent its repute a gigantic improvement.

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Best GBA Games to Play Right Now

Top 5 Best GBA Games That You Need To Play Right Now

Final fantasy tactic advance

Final fantasy tactic advance games were developed and published by Square Enix and Nintendo, it follows children who locate a mystical book that proceeds them straightforward into the Finishing Fantasy world of VR (virtual reality). It is a chance centred combat game, with a judge predetermined into all level.

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Minish cap

Minish cap is an action and adventure game, this game got an immense of popularity on its formal announcement. The game says the story of Linkage, the character, and how he acquired his cap, all in a shrunken handheld method. Players can usage a miniature Link to tour via the miniature properties of the Picori. The usual boomerangs and hook shots shows the game as one of the finest GBA game.

Mario Kart – Super circuit

Mario Kart – Super circuit is an advanced kart racing game built by intelligent systems and broadcasted by Nintendo. This is the very first version of the game to be launched on the platform called GBA. Here 4 players can play with single gaming cartridge, and it races around on wonderful tracks, and release several bonuses the best GBA games

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Mesterio menace-spiderman

Mesterio menace-spiderman is an action game. In this game spiderman is fighting against all the villains and putting an end to all the problems by defeating the mysterio’s plans. The player can gather upgrades to increase the Spider-Man’s power, webbing and health and also “suits” which boost and shield him from particular problems. This game received “favourable” appraisal. This is also really ones best GBA games.

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Fire emblem

Fire Emblem is a strategic role-playing game, this game is built by Intelligent Systems and broadcasted by Nintendo. On GBA platform, this was the first game which leapt the PERMA DEATH conception, where if a player dies in conflict, then the whole canvass should be restarted.

The above mention are the best Games of GBA. Most of these games are accessible on various platforms. If you know any other games that is not listed above, please comment beneath and we will add it in our list.



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