Future Technology – Interesting Gadgets That May Change Our World

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. – Arthur C. Clarke (Author)

Of course, everyone is curious about the future and it is really interesting to talk about the future technology. We all know that Bill gates predicted about the future technology and Bill Gates 15 predictions in 1999 come true, and in some cases, those prediction are often going wr

Yet, believe it or not, it is just a beginning. Technology will develop even better. In the future, we might live like the people in science fiction movies did.

ong too.

Interesting future technology 

Future Technology – Interesting Gadgets That May Change Our World

All new-fangled screens will be ultra-thin OLEDs

There will be an incredibly fast move display tech. definitely there will be a “ANTIQUE” LCD monitor screens hanging everywhere in 2020, and it’s quite easy to see the whole industry changing to paper-thin OLED surfaces, several with touch competence. So, surfaces will become computational,” Liebhold says that, “walls, mirrors, windows. I think that’s legitimate.”

Texting by thinking

In future, there will be option to text just by thought power. This will be achieved by a amalgamation of a sensor-mounted headset and eye-tracking technology worn by the user. The headset comprises a brain-machine line which senses electrical brain waves and transfers them into digital signals and thenceforth shows the resulting letters on-screen.

This allows totally hands-free texting, generating a form of virtual telepathy. It might be novelty for now. But advances in the future years will allow smooth and fast interfaces, transforming the world of communication.

Implants / wearable to monitor your health

Some health administrators forecast that gadgets we will have by 2020 will assist real-time diagnostics for the immune system, cancer, intestinal flora, and situations like pre-diabetes. This gadget may come like a wearable devices or patches, might make health care preventative rather than reactive. Its already on the way. As Ron Winslow and Alistair Barr stated for Wall Street Journal in 2014, Google had started developing tiny magnetic particles that can search the body for biomarkers that show the existence of cancer and further diseases. These nanoparticles would bind to proteins, cells, and other molecules inner the body, and would be calculated by a wearable device fortified with a magnet. The particles could be delivered through a capsule, and would make it simpler to find cancer or foresee a forthcoming heart attack.

Decent AR glasses

AR (augmented reality) is a vastly visible on smart phone apps, but we need more like customizable, rich, applicable and easy to access AR transferred straight onto whatsoever occur to be looking at. That be contingent on the glasses and GPS, which should be precise ample to keep up with the actual world by 2020. Now we already halfway there

5G network and smart phones

5th generation wireless systems, or 5th generation mobile networks, abbreviated 5G, are the upcoming telecommunications standards afar the present IMT/4G -Innovative standards…Several thousands of concurrent connections for wireless sensors. Industries and wireless carriers are already observing the transition to 5G technology, which will probably be described in 2018, organised in 2019, and implemented in 2020. 5G will be speedier and fewer energy-intensive than 4G. This will bring better smart home devices, faster smartphones, and longer lasting wearables. It will also be faster in loading websites and apps, lightning-speed downloads of videos. Like Jessi Hempel statements for Wired we will need 5G networks to allow the sensors implanted in all from watches to four wheelers to work organised flawlessly with low expectancy and to create virtual reality beneficial in professional settings.

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