Must Have Mobile Apps for Safe Driving, Car Lovers And Drivers

If you are very fond of travelling, then these are the apps for you which help you in many ways like finding parking spots, locating your car, finding nearest gas station, buying car parts online. These apps will encounter your driving or traveling requirements.

Mobile Apps For Car Lovers


Many gas stations have apps that spot their marked stores, which are supportive in the occasion that you use their credit cards. This apps shows the you the nearest 10 fuel stations and their prices. GasBuddy app plans to add fuel station services, for instance, carwashes to it listing. The GasBuddy proclaim that 110,000 fuel stations are united in its database, which is nearly every station in process in the U.S.

My Max Speed 2.0

This is the app to track your kids driving and location, via this app you can know how fast your kid driving the car?

My Max Speed 2.0 app is the best option for you as it uses the inside accelerometer to log swiftness and place every five minutes, to screen a teen’s driving habits. If the mobile journeys exterior a preset location perimeter, immediately it delivers a location history or informs you through a message.


This is really a cool app that works through wifi or cell tower. This app is designed to examine your driving competence, archives your gas usage habits and how much you spent on trip. It also shows the speed of car, distance, route direction, records your carbon-di-oxide emission, records how much gas you refilled and regulates your miles per gallon (MPG) and vocally says present fuel efficiency.


This excellent app tells you about car repair history. It is an excellent app available for free. It approximates the estimations for repair expenses, and also suggests the best repair shops in you broad locality.

It also endorses places and online stores to buy your vehicle parts, also coordinates all your repair-related data by means of an online record.

Find My Car

Find my car is a free app that helps you to spot your car via GPS location services and internet connectivity. Sometimes you might have faced the frustration of being unable to remember your car location in parking lots or on unfamiliar streets.

This find my car smart app automatically saves your parking location.


iOnRoad is the app to screen vehicle’s position on the road. This app uses your mobile camera to monitor the vehicle’s position on the road constantly. This app also marks of nearby vehicles and alarms driver of road departure and possible threats. In this app there are some more features like speed limit, collision warning, and driving analytics with visual cues and audio.

Must Have Mobile Apps for Drivers & Car Lovers


Waze is a smart trip advisor app, it is available for free. This app informs you road condition and it keeps updating the maps, traffic conditions, road hazards, live-routing smart voice-assisted navigation. It also notifies while a FB friend is heading to the same destination.

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