3 Car Gadgets to Make Driving Stress less

There are some fantastic car gadgets available to make our car driving stress free. A car gadget differs in their uses but it gives more enjoyable driving experience, stress free and safer.

List of Car Gadgets

car gadgets for stress less driving

Griffin Trip

Griffin trip is very handy gadget. You can connect it to your smart phone to transfer audio on an FM radio frequency, now this app is teamed up with Aha app from Harman.

After installing Aha app, you can tune in to a best of over 30,000 radio stations and listen and enjoy through your cars sound system. In this you can also configure the app to suit your interest, journey, local weather, traffic reports and selecting radio stations.

Road Angel Gem

Road angel gem wonderful device which let you know the speed limit (where you are driving), warning of forthcoming speed cameras, helps to keep you safe and in compliance with local laws.

This gadget has very detailed and accurate database of road hazards, accident black spots, speed camera locations, speed limits. The speed limit of the sector of road on which you are travelling is continually displayed in the corner of the device’s screen which helps you to manage your speed for safety and ease.

Road angl gem has some unique services like eAssist, which lets you to connect and speak with an operator if you get in problem.

Cobra iRadar Atom

Cobra iRadar atom is a device of law enforcement. You can just sit on your car’s dashboard and sense when the cop are running speed traps. When cobra iradar atom is connected to android smart phone or iPhone it becomes a powerful law enforcement tool.

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