Apr 07

The Best weight Loss Apps for Your Mobile

Of course everyone knows that there are apps for everything and here I am going to share some of the best weight loss apps that work for you.

All you have to do is just download the app to your mobile and you are all set to go. These apps contain exercises, workouts, calorie counts and additional nutritional information that you should check out.

apps to lose weight

Lose it app:

Lose It! is weight loss that fits. Lose it is free app that helps you to track your calories, plan meals, exercise and stay motivated to make smarter choice to reach your goal.

Al you have to do is, just input your present weight and your goal weight to lose and it will stretch you a correct estimate of No. of calories to eat per day, and how long it takes to reach the goal. You can also join an online support community where individuals like you can inspire and hold each other liable.

My fitness Pal app:

A medical study demonstrates that keeping a food journal will help you in weight loss. This app is very easy to use. Just enter your age weight and your goal in reducing weight. Then it set up a program and show you how much exercise you should do and how many calories you have eat per day. It is available for Android, window phone, iOS and site.

Noom Coach app:

Noom coach is a weight loss app which designed to help you by providing good eating habits and you can lose weight for good. It also offers intent guidance and encouraging feedback.

This app is supported by science to aid you build healthy intake habits that former.

Sworkit app:

This training app allows people to choose work out and what they want to do and how long to do. Users can decide whether they want to perform yoga or stretching sequence or strength train. You can choose which body part to tackle (lower body, upper body, core, full body) and types like back strength, sun salution and full body stretch and finally select the length of work out from 5 minutes to an hour.

Endomondo sportz tracker:

This app is specially designed for runners, bikers and other individuals who do workouts in outdoor. This classy app uses GPS to track your roads and make your routine jog fun. This app records your run, lap times and give you a google map view and browsable workout history. You can also get motivated by energy discussions from your friends and notifications each time you break a mile. You can also upgrade to pain verion $3.99 that integrates with twitter and facebook and pull in data from widely held pedometers and heart-rate sensors.

Eat this, not that the game

This app is a game to help you lose weight. This app shows you two alike products and you guess which one is less fatty and more nutritious.    It also shows you the amazing food tricks that can make for healthier meals. So, when you go to restaurants you will have an idea about healthier foods you want to take and save yourself from thousands of calories. It is astonishingly addictive.                                                                                    

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