Apps To Make Your Powerpoint More Productive

Ofcourse everyone know that powerpoint is one of the most used software in the business environment.  Now you can create powerpoint presentation from your mobile. There are some best free apps that allow you to view PowerPoint and create slide shows on go.

best power point apps

List of Powerpoint apps:


If you want to do power point presentation using your mobile device then go for slideshark  which is very convenient. This apps allows your ipads and iphones and other iOS devices to display presentation directly from them with video, animations and graphics.

This app also has free version for individuals but paid one offers more improved features for business, like data analyzation dashboards.

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Kingsoft is a free and excellent app to make powerpoint presentation. It offers a thumbnail view at the bottom for all slides of the PPT document.  So you can easily shift between slides rapidly. Furthermore, you can show your powerpoint in full screen on Android phone. This app is a complete package for MSO (Microsoft office users) users.

PowerPoint Keynote Remote:

Powerpoint keynote remote is a free app. This app turn your smartphone into a remote for powerpoint and keynote presentation. It connects your mobile and computer by using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, then you can use your mobile to control your slideshow. It also lets you to preview which slide is coming up next so you can form your thoughts and provides you secluded access to your notes for every slide to retain the presentation moving along.

This app has one more advantage; you can use your finger as a virtual laser pointer to highlight particular images or words in your slide show. This app is also compatible with Windows PCs And Macs.

Office mobile:

Office mobile is a perfect tool for powerpoint slideshows presentation, you can also make changes to existing presentation on Android phone or tablet. This app allows you to open your presentation to edit lines of text and for review. When your presentation is ready, just click play to start your slideshow.

By subscribing to office 365, you can access all documents created on your desktop on any Android device which is running the Office Mobile app. Edited files are habitually synced across all your devices, so you always have the most up-to-date version of all your presentations.


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