How To Convert PDF To Word For Free

There are lots of online PDF to word converters. Some time you may feel to have your own readily available software . First of all, offline conversion tool is actually faster than the online counterparts and second one is, your online conversion will continue online.

onlline conversion tool for free

Its better not to choose online conversion tool for odd documents like business documents, private information’s and sensitive things.

PDF Mate

Using PDF Mate you can accurately convert PDF to word, EPUB, SWF, JPEG and TEXT conversion thrown into the deal. Its features are very simple interface, it is free and also comes with some handy extra tools like multi language support, document encryption, a host of other customizable settings and batch conversion.


Winscan2PDF is a small application. It is just 30KB a tiniest piece of software you use currently. This application has many functions. Significantly, it finishes its solitary role well, conceding it presence in this list.

You have four options like scan, multiple pages, select course and cancel. The design is innate and you just point it at whatever document you would like to convert and off you go.

Uni PDF:

Uni PDF is an offline category, and it is relatively adaptable conversion tool with support for multiple formats, including text, word and HTML. Toss into the reduced PDF to PNG, JPEG, TIF, BMP PCX, TGA and GIF. As well as image resolution settings and batch conversion. Thus Uni PDF becomes a great, free and allaround conversion tool.


Smallpdf is one of the best online PDF converters. Smallpdf bids a variety of PDF conversion services like PDF to excel, word, powerpoint HTML AND JPEG. You can also use this online service to split PDF’s into separate documents or to merge multiple PDF’s into single file.

Cloud Convert:

Cloud Convert has the extra additional benefit of converting virtually any format file you fling to virtually any other format file you like. Its PDF to word conversion is exact, tables are fine conserved and endure in the right location, and it touched some mostly image and bullet-point laden documents with comfort.

Convert Using Word:

Of course, just by using microsoft word you can convert PDF into an editable document. But, this feature is available only for users who running Office 2013 and 2016.

Steps to convert: Open MS Word 2013 or 2016 – open file -> open. Now browse to open the PDF. You will get a message clarifying that a small amount of reformatting may occur, and that line breaks and page breaks may not be fairly where you are expecting them.

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