Income Tax Return:6 Best websites to File Income Tax Return Online For Free

Filing Income tax return is always a big task for all income tax payers as there are several aids attached to it. Besides many people are leaving their official meeting in order to get their taxes done and apparently in less time.

Filing taxes online is gratifying one of the fastest and most effective ways of getting your taxes complete in a painless way. It is always an easiest choice to e-file and e-verify your returns as it harmless, swift and very convenient.

Best Websites to file income tax return online

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Best Websites to file income tax return online

Turbo Tax

Turbo Tax is excellent software and people’s favorite of all the online tax platforms and due to its easy to use interface. Turbo Tax goes through to each step of the procedure effectively and with amply of tips along the way. Possibly the greatest part is the online existence of individuals who are capable to assistance you at any time needed. 

Credit karma

Credit karma is a great tool to file income tax return and completely available for free. Of course now everyone wants to care for their credit and here you will get all assistances. If you are not able to understand about credit then this app will really help you and easy to use.  Credit karma is the best way to track the accurateness of your credit reported. They are a well-intentioned contender, so they are valuable to check out for this following tax season.


TaxSmile offers online tax services to businesses, individual tax payers, professionals and salary earned outside India. Taxsmile offers a devoted support helpline to its customers and also bids free e-filing for individuals with net taxable salary of up to five lakhs Rupees. 


ClearTax is a very popular website to file income tax return in India as it offers good and simple interface and easy to use.

In ClearTax website, In home page there are 2 buttons shows [Start Your Tax Returns Now] and [Upload your Form-16 Now].

Click on Start Your Tax Returns that allows you to manually e-file your tax return by filling all details

Click on Upload your Form-16 which lets you to upload form-16 PDF and it automatically fills all your details to prepare your income tax returns. After uploading the form-16 check the form twice and enter the missing data if any, finally pay tax if any and file your returns.

Cleartax also offers Expert-assisted e-filing, If you desire to take CA assistance to file returns. Starts from Rs. 499.

H & R Block

H & R Block is also a great site that has recently laid a lot of effort into hitting the digital market. Here you can file your tax for free. Through H&R Block you can snap a picture of your W-2 and have it auto-complete into the form, creating for a smooth filing year.


Now IRS has a platform for you to file online as well. If you want a quick and reliable filing then IRS website is the best choice as the website is not user friendly and fun to use as other websites mentioned above.

Taxes can be difficult yet these websites are fine and good, it is vital to be safe while filing. If you are bigger than a small business or have a more difficult filing year than a W-2 then it is wise to go talk with an professional.

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