Keyboard Shortcuts For MacBook Users

Keyboard Shortcuts MacBook – Macbook comes with a lot of tools that is very convenient to use laptops proficiently and for conserving the operating system to save it consecutively in top shape.

If you are a fan of short keys and don’t want to use mouse then these short keys will really help you to speed up your work and soon you will become a MacBook powerful user.

Keyboard Shortcuts MacBook


The Mac OS X Lion Finder supports you access and organize utmost of the significant Mac OS X functions while you work. You can use Finder keyboard shortcuts to display windows, copy and move files, copy and paste, launch applications etc. These keyboard shortcuts will really help you get work done more proficiently.

Keyboard Shortcuts For MacBook


Command + A                        ->      Selects all the files in the active window (icon view), all the files in the column (column view), or all the files in the list (cover flow view)

Command + C                       ->       Copy the selected items

Command + D                       ->       duplicate the selected items

Command + E                       ->        eject the selected items

Command +  F                       ->        Displays the find dialog

Command + H                       ->        Hides the finder window

Command + I                        ->        shows information for selected items

Command + J                        ->        Displays the view options for the active window

Command + K                       ->        Displays the connect to server dialog

Command + L                        ->        Creates an alias for the selected item

Command + M                      ->        Minimize the active window

Command + N                       ->        Opens a new finder window

Command + O                       ->        Opens the selected item

Command + R                       ->        show the original for selected alias

Command + T                        ->        adds the selected item to the sidebar

Command + V                       ->        pastes the copied item

Command + W                      ->        closes the active window

Command + X                       ->        cuts the selected item

Command + Z                        ->        undo the last action

Command + ,             ->        displays the finder preferences

Command + 1                        ->        shows the active window in icon mode

Command + 2                        ->        show the active window in list mode

Command + 3                        ->        show the active window in column mode

Command + 4                        ->        show the active window in cover flow mode

Command + [                        ->        moves back to the previous finder window

Command + ]                        ->        moves forward to the next finder location

Command + Del                    ->        moves selected item to the trash

Command + up arrow                      ->        show enclosing folder

Command + ?                        ->        displays the Mac OS X help viewer

Command + ‘             ->        cycles through windows

Shortcuts for Command + Shift 

Command + Shift + A           ->        Takes you to your application folder

Command + Shift + C           ->        Takes you to the top-level computer location

Command + Shift + G           ->        Takes you to specified folder

Command + Shift + H           ->        Takes you to home folder

Command + Shift + I            ->        Connects you to iDisk

Command + Shift +Q            ->        log out

Command + Shift + N           ->        Creates a new folder in active window

Command + Shift + U           ->        Takes you to utilities folder

Command + Shift + Del        ->        Deletes the contents in the trash


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