How to Remove “ads by info” From Chrome, Fire box, and Internet Explorer

Steps to remove “ad info’ from Internet explorer:

  • First open Internet explorer -> click on gear icon at top right side corner.
  • Drop box will appear there click on Internet options -> click on Advanced tab
  • In Advanced tab click on Reset button.
  • In the reset section, look for delete personal settings box -> check it then click on reset tab below.
  • After completing the resetting in Internet Explorer, click close in confirmation box then click on ok.
  • Now restart you system. You are done.

Steps to remove “ads info” or other virus from Google chrome:

Chrome extensions

  • In the right hand side corner of the chrome browser tool bar you can see menu button, go to tools, sub menu will appear.
  • In the sub menu click on Extensions a new tab will open, where you can see a list of extensions.
  • If you have not installed any extension in chrome browser, you should remove all extensions by clicking on recycle bin.

Steps to remove “ad info” virus from Mozilla firebox:


  • At the top left of the firebox window, click on the firebox tab now go the help tab in the help sub menu click on trouble shooting information.
  • Now you can see reset firebox tab on right hand side, click on the tab.
  • To continue, click on reset firebox tab for confirmation.
  • Now firebox will close and reset. When everything is done, window will show the list of imported information. Now click finish.

Image credit: Google images

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