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You no need to spend time to write long documents and email. Just use free voice recognition software to complete long writing works without installing anything on your computer. Just do dictation of your paragraph and see the result.

dictation app

Web based speech recognition app Dictation v2.0 will transliterate your voice into digital text using by Chrome Speech API. You can also install Dictation as a Chrome App .

Dictation app for chrome runs completely on your computer. Contrasting the other chrome web apps are nothing but a fancy bookmarks.

Dictation app gets voice commands and auto save:

It’s very simple to use dictation app. All you need to do is just plug in the micro phone to your system/laptop, press “start dictation” button and watch as your verbal words are mystically converted into text. But you have to use voice commands to start new sentences and new paragraphs.

Say new paragraph to move cursor to the next paragraph.

Say new sentence to start new sentence. It will automatically give space and start next sentence by capitalizing the first letter.

Say stop listening to exit the dictation mode.  if you want to continue recording, just hit start button again.

This app is using content editable attribute of HTML5. So if you do any mistake while dictating or Chrome makes mistake while recognizing your voice, you can easily edit incorrect words.

A new Dictation 2.0

It was first released in August 2012 and greatly has improved since then. Now web speech API is part of Google chrome however still you need an active network connection for chrome to connect to speech recognition servers.

The new version dictation app also has some additional features. It has auto saver so it saves your work in local storage. You can also export your transcripts to Google drive and drop box.

But remember API is under experimental, so you are not permitted to submit packaged apps to Chrome store.

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