How to do Faster Web Browsing on a Slow Internet Connection

Is your internet connection slow? If you have a slow internet connection problem, and if you think that ISP can’t help in boosting your internet speed then try the following tips to get speed internet.

Simple ways to speed up internet connection

how to speedup your slow internet connections

NO Multi-Tasking if your Internet Connection is slow:

If you want speed internet connection, multi-tasking is not recommended. Load single tab at a time. Even with fast internet connection, If you open 9-10 tabs simultaneously instead of 2 or 3, the speed will be heart-breaking. If you want to open multiple tab, open one after another.

Internet speed also depends upon the type of websites you have opened. For an example, if you have opened a website that transfer background data intermediately, your net connection will become even slower. So, it’s better for you to avoid multi-tasking if you have a slow internet connection.

Check other programs to speed up internet connection:

this is might be also a reason for your slow internet connection. There are some programs that course in the background and devour internet resources. These programs begin once you switch on your system. So you don’t really know that your net speed is being swallowed by this programs. You should disable such programs (if any such programs in you system) to speed up your browsing experience.

Take Care of Windows Updates and BITS

Check your windows BITS and updates are turned off. If you suddenly face a slow internet problem check out window updates as windows is alleged to download updates in the background, even when you are doing something else and it will consume almost 90% of your internet bandwidth and makes surfing unbearably slower.

Remove all junk stuffs

If you have not cleaned the cache for long period, it can instigate some serious internet slowdowns also. It’s better to clean all your browser cookies, caches and other junks to speed up your internet. If you clean caches and cookies often it can cause some problems like, you have to sign into websites very frequently.

Use Google data saver to speed up internet:

You can save some data to increase the speed while using Google chrome browser. You can do this by installing and using the extension called Google Data Saver. It is very effective and reliable. Beforehand you see the website content, Google servers will reduce the data size by compressing it. This way you will have faster browsing experience. That having said, as it utilizes some kind of internal compression and redirection, some websites may behave unpredictably.

Deactivate javascript and flash content for speed internet.

Javascript and flash slows down the internet connection. Unless you are using YouTube or other sites that need Flash content, you can better turn it off. You just go for browser and turn off javascript and flash in it. Besides, you can use another browser for watching youtube or other websites if you want.

Use mobile version websites

Nowadays most of the websites have mobile optimized version, which gets rid of swanky parts. If possible, use the similar versions of your desktop as well. And, it is not an option when you are using a mobile device. This will get rid of desktop attentive elements and others ads. This method will be helpful to access facebook with slow internet.


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