May 05

How to Restore Your PC Without Losing Your Data’s

If you find that your PC is having major problem, then it is time to restore it to its unique factory condition. But before that you need protect your valuable data’s from your PC.

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Steps to restore your PC:

  • Login to your computer -> assign your external hard drive or USB drive to a USB port (free) -> now use your computers backup software to copy your data to the external hard drive // USB drive. (if you don’t have external hard drive / USB drive, you can go for online services like carbonite, drive etc.
  • Now confirm that your data’s are backed up to external device / online backup service. -> insert restore CD that came along with your PC -> restart or shut down you PC -> now will automatically boot from the CD and starts the restore process.
  • Using system restore is an alternate to the old-style manufacturer’s restore process. Disparate the restore CD, system restore does not destroy your data. Instead it grosses your PC back in time to advert before the problems you are facing began to happen. If you take an early restore opinion you can take your computer back to its original factory settings, but you need to go so far to resolve the problems you are facing. Even though your PC restore will not spoil data, it is still a moral idea to take a backup in place just in case.
  • Click on start button -> select all programs from the menu -> select accessories -> click on system tools -> click on system restore -> select a restore point from the calendar -> now start the restore process. Let the restore process to finish and then log on to your computer.

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