Jan 05

Remove “Ad Info” virus And Other Pop-Up Virus From Computer

Are you seeing in-text ads and pop-ads from “Ad info” within Google chrome, firebox and Internet explorer? Then unquestionably your system is infected with potentially unwanted program or an adware program (virus). Are you searching for solution to remove it? The “Ad-info” ads are caused by an ad-support (user may see pop-up, additional banner, pop-under, …

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Jan 02

How To Disable Internet Explorer Auto Refresh

Sometimes auto refresh in Internet explorer becomes a big problem and we feel strongly to disable it for various reasons. For example, when you write article on a blog it distracts your thoughts. When reading some important data and while doing many other online works, this sudden auto refresh webpage in internet explorer interrupts and …

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Dec 29

Reducing Computer Eyestrain By Using Apps

Are you a person who working for long hours in computer? Here the software which helps you to reduce eyestrain, RSI and further computer related stress! Need to do to reduce eyestrain: The computer screen is brighter, if you spend most of the day using computer then this might help you to reduce your eyestrain …

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Dec 22

Tips To Save Money While Shopping Online In India

Now a days online shopping become more popular in India and you get good discounts than local stores. Follow the tips below to make your online shopping even better. Here are some online shopping tips and websites which help you to get best compacts while shopping online. Tips to save money in online shopping: Use …

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Dec 15

Create Price Alerts on Junglee

Create Price Alerts on Junglee

Amazon owned a price comparison site Junglee.com.  It sends you an email to alert about the prices of the product you want to buy drops by a certain amount. Amazon owned jungle.com is perhaps the chief price comparison website in India. There are other comparison engines too but they maximum emphasis on the “popular” online …

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Nov 27

Google plus – The Best Online Photo Editing Tool

You want your vacation pictures to look more beautiful. Then do this, make your photos look awesome before uploading your pictures in Facebook or in email.  Image editing tools like Photoshop can help you but it sometime overkills for simple enhancements moreover you need to understand all curves and levels to fix the photos. Here …

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Nov 24

Online Shops That Deliver World Wide

Here’s an online shopping websites which gladly ship products to international addresses outside the US (united states). How will you buy the products which are not available in local shopping but available in U.S. online stores? Here now you got an easy option to purchase. There are many online shops (retailers) in the United States …

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