Feb 25

Create Rich HTML Signatures Right inside Gmail

Create Rich HTML Signatures Right inside Gmail

How to create html signature? Create rich HTML signatures with imageries in outgoing gmail messages. You can use it right inside gmail itself and no add-ons or browser extensions required for this. There are many way to create email signature like you can use HTML editor And copy paste entire thing to gmail message or …

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Feb 23

Most Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

WINDOWS  KEY + OTHER  KEYS :   Windows key display or hide start menu. Win+D               Dispay the desktop Win+E               Open my computer Win+F                Display find Win+L                Locks screen. Win+M                Minimizes all open window. Win+R                Displays the run command. Win+U                Open utility manager. Win+Ctrl+F         Display find : Computer Win+Ctrl+M        Restores all minimized windows. Win+Tab             Cycle through the buttons on the taskbar.  

Feb 11

List Of Sites That Providing Free ebooks

Many of us love reading books but you can’t carry all the books everywhere. However the growth of mobile devices made it easy to use… yes, there are lot of websites which provides you thousands of free eBook to download. You can also download eBooks on your laptops, PC, mobiles phones and other devices in …

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Jan 28

Important Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Use Everyday

If you are a blogger then these tools are very important for you to develop your blog and to achieve success. As you know, here success is getting more visitors to website or increasing your traffic. There are lots of tools to get this work done and you no need to waste your time by …

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Jan 21

Best Gadgets To Make Your Smart Phone to Super Smart Phone

Gesture Control Armband

This is a technology world and it is growing very faster which makes our work easy and ease. Previously we all used our phones only for making calls and sending text messages. But, now we are using it for watching movies, browsing internet, making calls, playing games, clicking photos etc. There are also some really …

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Dec 17

Wireless USB Stick To Expand Your Mobile Phone’s Storage

Is your mobile phone have limited storage and don’t have option to add an external SD card? If your mobile is running out of storage you can use

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Nov 17

Free Tools To Find How Much Traffic a Website Gets

There are some free tools which helps you to find how much traffic or hits your website getting on the internet, also you can know how is your site placed in search engine and where are the traffics coming from to your site.

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