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10 Best And Useful Sites For Free Online Education

Internet is holding tons of offers to everyone. When it comes to education internet is offering a lot of resources that are endless. The best thing is many great sites are offering completely free education in all topics like coding, history, etc. Following are the best sites offering free educations.

10 Best And Useful Sites For Free Online Education

Top 10 Sites For Free Online Education


Coursera.org is a website that provides the best courses in the world online. Coursera site is partners with organizations and universities all around the world. This site a great tool for free online education contains courses from several top universities, trusts and museums. Coursera site is really useful if you are eyeing to study many different topics, or need courses from d various schools and groups.

This site brings a widespread multiplicity of topics and perceptions to one searchable database and also provides in-depth courses.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers online courses for everyone, at any time for free. Khan academy is partnering with several post-secondary schools, so it offers a well-organized interface. Khan Academy bids imposing depth on many different subjects. It also selects several courses from around the web. Khan academy is a renowned educational site very useful and easy to keep learning goals.

Open Culture Online Courses

Are you struggling to find the material you are searching for. Then open culture is the best site that lists of free educational courses online. The best part of this site is, it lists 1000 lecturers, video and podcasts from universities around the world. Here you can find hundreds of university courses and no need to visit and search every university’s own site. Open Culture’s list features courses from Australia, England, Wales and other state universities around the United States.


Udemy’s free courses are just like Coursera’s concept. Udemy’s also allows users to build custom courses from lessons. This site has both free and paid content. . Functioning with several top schools and professors, the site mixes the customizable platform of other sites with a hefty prominence on topmost quality content.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a site which has many courses from different schools.  This sites focuses on proposing a extensive variety of subjects and Academic earth also has lists of courses by subject and school, so it ‘s quite easy to get what you are searching for.


edX is also a good option for free online education.  It brings collected courses from many different schools and covers a unlimited range of topics. edX provides a inspiring, quality information for everybody.


Alison is a free learning site and offering certification in some zones. Alison offers main courses like Technology, business, and health, but also comprises language learning courses. An excellent option in Alison is, if users want certification for their learning this site provides it. Alison offers school curriculum courses.

iTunesU Free Courses

iTunesU is an very importunate place for free online learning, as it integrates faultlessly with your iPod or any apple device. On iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, users can install an app called iTunesU. For desktop users, they can access iTunesU on iTunes Store (upper right hand corner of the itunes store). iTunesU is easy to use as it is categorized just like itunes. iTunesU corses comes with a wide scope of topics, but does not assimilate with Google, Android or Windows mobile devices. Here users can surf for learning materials in genre and topic way.

Stanford Online

This is your center for all the online aids from Stanford University.  Stanford Online bids self-paced and term based courses.  This is an excellent website for high quality courses, yet the subjects are limited to some extent compared to the sites connected with more than one school. Even Coursera features some courses from Stanford.

Harvard Extension

Harvard Extension offers free online education courses from Harvard merely. Here you will get top notch course material, yet the course variety is less rich than multi-school sites. Moreover, Harvard Extension lets you to surf for courses by professional certificate and these sorts it much easier if your online education goal includes certification.


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