Apr 28

Useful Gadgets for Science Students

Now technology has developed a lot. Technology offering a tons of resources for entertainment to study new things and there are some science gadgets for students. Using these gadgets they can study their lessons in interesting and fun way.

Graphing calculator

Graphing calculator is a best and useful gadget, where students can learn progressive courses in chemistry and physics. This science gadget has a forthright user interface that would let them make graphs, solve equations, and compare functions. The students can use it without any difficulty because it has a simple programming language to make conversion programs.

You can also connect this gadget to the PC, to transfer the files between machines. This calculator is powered by one lithium battery and AAA alkaline batteries.

Magnifying glass

This magnifying glass is very important for the science students to research or study about tiny insects and germs. Now technology has developed a lot, so this magnifying glass too come with high trendy, portability, high clarity lenses and powerful.

Its lenses are interchangeable and it boasts a bright LED light with high quality switch. Therefore, you can perform science experiments safely and effectively even in low light places.

Carson MicroBrite Plus (portable microscope)

This is really a very exciting gadget for students. MicroBrite Plus is a 60x-120x powered pocket microscope lighted by LED as an alternative of mirror. It comes with aspheric internal lens system and you need to have a AA battery to power this device.

The 60x-120x magnification itself says that you can understand the subject in detail under the microscope.

Bicycle Dynamo Generator

It is really a very useful gadgets for the students who is going to evening tuitions and for other classes. This BDG (Bicycle Dynamo generator) gives power to head light and tail lamp on your bicycle no battery required.

All you have to do is, just attach Dynamo generator in such a way that generator wheel rotates clock wise as you pedal you bicycle, and it will generate 6 watts of DC and 12 volts current which more than enough to power and head light and tail lamp.

Image source: Google images

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