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Jan 25

5 Best Translating Apps For Mobile Devices

5 Best Translating Apps For Mobile Devices

Learning a new language is not an easy task. It may take months or years of practice to become fluent and comfortable. But, while travelling to other countries on tour or official trip definitely we need a help in translating language. There are some translator apps which solves our language problem. These translating apps are …

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Jan 19

5 Best Weather Apps for Android

5 best weather apps

Nature is the art of God. Wherever we are, that doesn’t matter; we are part of the nature. Nature plays key role in everyone’s life, what happens next is the matter. Everyone likes to know the real-time weather report as it is helpful for the people to plan their work according to that, predominantly for …

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Jan 15

10 Best Calculator Apps For Android

best calculator apps for android

Now you no need to carry calculator everywhere you go as there are many calculator apps available in your mobile for free. The following calculator apps have all features like simple, scientific, graphs and more. But there are lots of apps and it is bit difficult to choose the right one for you requirement. Here …

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Jan 12

Best Blogging Apps For iPhone and iPad

Best blogging apps for iphone and ipad

This is really good news for all bloggers. Yes, now you can blog while travelling, write content, publish and share your contents, comments etc. There are many blogging apps available for your mobile which allows you to write post, edit post, comments, share etc. so you can just do all your blogging work right from …

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Dec 23

Fast and Best News Apps for iPhone and Android

best news apps for iphone and android

When you are out or on long travel it is difficult to know the latest news and updates but now things changed and you no need to worry of being out of touch. Now there are wide varieties of news apps available to keep yourself up-to-date on latest headlines and breaking news.  If you are using …

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Nov 02

The Best And Beneficial Music Players For Windows

The Best And Beneficial Music Players For Windows

Many of us love to listen and enjoy music and for many people music is a vital part of life. There is lot of free music player for windows and some of them work on linux and max too. The following “music player” is free to use. Apart from listening music on these free music players, …

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Oct 06

Apps To Make Your Powerpoint More Productive

power point apps to make your project more productive

Ofcourse everyone know that powerpoint is one of the most used software in the business environment.  Now you can create powerpoint presentation from your mobile. There are some best free apps that allow you to view PowerPoint and create slide shows on go.

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