Must Have Apps for Your Android Phone

If you are using android Smartphone – then you can improve its capabilities in a fraction of second by downloading great apps.

best android apps

List of apps for android:

  • : With Google Task sync – you can easily manage your tasks and to do lists .
  • Schematic mind: By using this app you can create indefinite amount of mind maps. For an example, if you want to organize your thought for your project or you want to visualize your idea then this app will be more useful for you.
  • Clean master: This is very important app for android phones. By using this app you can speed up your slow Android phone and also improve precious disk space.
  • Shifu: This is an app which knows when you have free time and propose your pending task that you may work upon.
  • True caller: You can identify the calls from unknown numbers and also block SMS from spam numbers.
  • Smart cam: Smart cam far better than a web cam. It turns your android phone in to handy web cam for your PC.
  • Readability: You can send web pages to your kindle for reading later in a free time.
  • Flip Board: You can read news and other updates from your much loved source in a wonderful, magazine style layout.
  • Push Bullet: You will never miss a call or text message in your phone while you are working on computer. You can see all your phone notifications like phone calls, text messages, etc. on your computer and you can also easily push your files from your computer to phone.
  • Expensify : This is “the best business travel app”, “a nice effective accountant”, and also this app help you to file expense report in easy way.
  • Veetle: by using this app you can watch live video and easily broadcast on your tablet or Android phone.
  • Focal: This is a camera app with full featured; it also works well in older Android phones.
  • Team Viewer : This app enables remote control of your Mac computers or windows from any android phone, you can also transfer files.
  • HomeStyler: Just click a picture of a room, then place TV, furniture, table etc. and envision the interior design in 3D.


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