Fast and Best News Apps for iPhone and Android

When you are out or on long travel it is difficult to know the latest news and updates but now things changed and you no need to worry of being out of touch. Now there are wide varieties of news apps available to keep yourself up-to-date on latest headlines and breaking news.  If you are using iPhone or android device then all the latest news, headlines, magazines, tech updates etc. are on your hand. Let’s have a look on the best news apps.

best news apps for iphone and android

Best News Apps for iPhone and Android:

New York Times

The New York times is the best news app, it bids free access to the important news stories of the day, including from other sources. By clicking on refresh tab you can get new stories of the day and you can read update for different times of day (not available for Android).

Buzz feed:

Buzzfeed is an awesome app. There are lot of users for Buzzfeed because of its listicals and for extra fun contents. Buzzfeed united everyhting in one place, users can also customize the kinds of articles that suit your taste and you can also surf the menu to outlook quizzes, what’s trending, or news if you need to improve your search. Buzzfeed also has a great news app.


Smart news gives users trending stories and sorts them based on topic. Its easy to surf, clutter free and it is upright at mining up fresh content. Partners of smartnews are USA today, NBC Newa, Time, Medium, Quartz, Bleacher report, Vice etc.

Google news and weather:

Google News & Weather app is gift for users. This app offers a wide variety of new stories from different publishers along with the local weather and headlines. Users can surf “suggested for you” as it an zone for new stories provided to your most recent searches. Users can also highlight an different topics like technology and for all the current news.


Feedly is a wonderful app and it is blessingd for users. It has improved a lot to satisfy the users. Now it is easier to save, bookmark and read articles. You can also choose multiple publications from feedly’s search panel, category them into topics, and save articles to watch it later with bookmarks.


Flipboard formed a novel type of reading experience on phone. First type is focused on engaging the reader with the best exciting stories of the day and second one is magazine style artistic. Flipboard bids a large volume of topics. Now hundreds of periodicals are accessible on the news reader.


Inside is also a wonderful app, it gives all-important information’s in 270 words which is very useful for users to read the top curated pieces, topics and all news in short time, beside you can see a revolving feed of trending articles. This app is proposing users a wide variety of journals to pick from.


Reddit has a lot of options and this app is perfect for android. Users submit posts to related subreddits – Android news would be submitted to /r/Android.


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