Best Websites For All Students Must Start Using Today


You will get everything under courser. whether it’s about arts & humanities or any other subjects.

You can Learn on the go with the Coursera App for Android. Access to more than 1,000 courses and Specialisms developed by 140+ of the top universities and colleges in the world, and progress your career or resume your education by learning subjects from Python programming and music and data science to photography.

Best websites For All students must start using today

Brillianr is an online communal of learners who solve and share maths and physics problems. Brilliant is classily set out and cool to navigate. It allows kids solve problems at their level whereas getting fast feedback from other peoples who are just as passionate about physics and maths.

Targeted for kids with advanced math skills, it’s especially beneficial to those contesting in Math or Science Olympiad contests. Also, Brilliant helps you in master concepts in math, science, and engineering by solving fun, challenging problems.

Khan academy

Khan academy bids instructional videos, practice exercises and a personalized learning source for all ages groups.

Khan Academy is to strengthen lessons that learned in the school. It is just like having a helping hand at home with the choice of pausing and starting a lesson as you would want. They confirm everything is explained and apparent. They clarify and have a visual clarification as well so that everybody is very much cognizant what is on the screen.


It is a huge collection of puzzles over 1000 levels from easy to hard. Here you have to program a robot to collect stars.

RoboZZle is a great programming puzzle game by Igor Ostrovsky. Your program will control a robot to gather all objects from 2D tri-coloured field. You can turn, move, renovate cells and call very small (in maximum cases) functions.

Ted talk:

TED talks are powerful videos from specialist speaker on Business, education, Tech, science and creativity.



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