The Must-Have Travel Apps For iOS And Android

One of the best enthusing parts of a vacation is the eagerness of it all. But, there are some of upsetting tiny troubles that can put a restraint on your trip. But no worries, there is a travel apps to avoid the problems. Just download these apps to make your journey happier.

Check out the following must-have travel apps for your iPhone and  Android device.

The Must-Have Travel Apps For iOS And Android

Must have travel apps


Flight aware is a great app, availbale for both iOS and Android. Flightaware allows you to track every flights in real-time,  you can airport delays and receive alerts.


Around me app is available for both iOS and Android. It helps you to find where you are, and shows the nearest bank, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, theatre, taxi, gas station, bar, and hospital. Important if you are taken a hard abroad.

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Wifi map

Wifi map is really very useful app and it is available in iOS and Android.

By scanning your environments and examining in contradiction of a database of above 100,000,000 hotspots restructured by the app’s 7 million users, Wifi Map allows you to know the site of the closest wireless connection.

This app contains every password that you may want it. Free version of this app displays you a network within a slight over a mile of your present or a explored place. In the paid version, it allows you to download whole city Wi-fi maps upfront of time to usage while offline.


Tripit is a very popular app. Trip is new friend. If the booking was done online, then just forward the confirmation mail, in some cases trip it will automatically acknowledge it and update your program.

Once it is done, start the app and allow it to download the up-to-the-minute updates. From then on, you can approach your itinerary without any net connection.

The service makes tracking even complicated itineraries a wind, no need to type manually in the features of every flight, car rental and hotel. Trip it is available in iOS and Android

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Google translate

Of course, everyone have a good knowledge about Google Translate.  If you want to go somewhere you don’t speak the language, this GT app helps you. Just type the words you want to translate and choose the target language.

You have one more option, if you want to translate the words on board, just click the image and upload it in GT, It will show you in your targeted language.

You can also use oral translate.

First download a language pack, so that you no need to be connected to net to translate typed phrase and its vital for the international travellers who don’t have mobile data.

Google translate is available in iOS and Android.

Google Map

Google Maps is the greatest navigation app, easy to use and you will probably use it very often on the road.

If you want to find a new location, you need internet connection, save limitless number of maps for future offline use. The GPS in your tablet or mobile will still work without any cell signal, and you also get a driving and public journey directions without net connection.

Sit or Squat

This app helps you to find the nearby toilets which is useful while travelling. The perfectly-named Sit or Squat app acts accurately that, scanning a database of above 100,000 restrooms that have been ranked “sit” (good) or “squat” (bad) by users to display those nearby to you.


Triposo is a great app available on iOS and Android. Instead of Pleasing crowd-sourced info from Wikipedia , Wikitravel and some other sites, You can use Triposo which is a very useful offline guide. Since there is a lot of info for some big destinations, just recall to install the app and guides afore leaving home.

You also get advices for activities, restaurents, hotels, and further, alongside with maps and directions.

SAS Survival Guide

This app is must for the people who travel to remote area. If you are starting somewhere remotely off the stricken path, it’s a must have. This app was written by a ex SAS soldier and instructor, this app holds hundreds of endurance skills that will assist you both at home and outdoor. This app is available on iOS and Android.

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