Important Tips to Make your Laptop Last Longer

How to make your laptop last longer?

There are some important tips to maintain your laptop / computer and make your laptop live longer.

Tips For To laptop last longer

Important Tips to Make your Laptop Last Longer

Take care while plugging in your DC Card

You should be very careful while pluggin in your laptop / computer. When more force is applied to the jack, the fuse joints that connecting the jack to the motherboard can crash. Don’t use low prize charger and don’t use loose card as it may destroy your laptop charger and mother board.

 Never place your laptop on bed

Never place your laptop on sofa or bed or on other soft material (pillows etc.)as it blocks your laptops ventilation holes in the bottom of laptop(it sucks in air for cooling). Always place you laptop on hard surface like table or computer mat.

Remember, there should be a space between the bottom of the laptop and the surface so that air can travel easily under the laptop.

Cooling pad for laptop

Cooling pad helps saves your laptop from overheating. The lesser the temperature of your laptop / computer, the longer it will alive. Over heat of laptop will cause to laptop / computer failure, so  keeping your laptop with low temperature is very important.

Install CCleaner

CCleaner is very important for all systems like Mac and PC. Every one of us are spending more time on laptop and computers is woring relly hard which means it may backed up with temporary files, coolies, history, etc. This useful tool ccleaaner will clean the computer and keeps your computer safe.

Manage your laptop battery life

Don’t keep your laptop fully charged all the time as it may result in the reduction of the battery life from log run. So, drain your laptop’s battery often or monthly once to increase your battery life.

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Install Anti-virus software

Luckily, there are lot of anti-virus programs available for free which helps to protect your computer from unwanted downloads and other viruses.

Some of the best anti-virus software:

  • Microsoft essential
  • Malwarebytes.
  • Avast.
  • AVG free
  • Spybot

Keep your window up-to-date

It’s very important to keep your window up-to-date. Microsoft often releases updates to its operating system, and every so often those fixes are acute to your security. In window 7, just go to “start” – > type “window update” -> click on the first result which takes you to window updater.

Clean your screen

Take 2 tissues, first one wet with H2O and another one dry. Wipe your laptop screen using wet tissue, then use dry one to wipe out wets and make screen shinny. Use an approved LCD cleaner which helps to make your screen look new and scratch free.

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