How To Format And Find Your Parked Car Using Maps On Your iPhone

Are you an iOS user? Then this is for you. Now you can spot your car parking engangements location all the time. From iPhone iOS 10  maps gets a new functionality that lets us to know automatically where we parked the car at all times. After we park the car and move out from car We will get a notification from apple maps. Whenever you open a apple map it will show us the whereabouts of the car.

Format and Find the Car Parking Location with iPhone Maps

How To Format And Find Your Parked Car Using Maps On Your iPhone

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How do you do this? When the iPhone is synchronized with the car system by means of Bluetooth or Apple Car, the Car system will understand when we disengaged and left the car. So, set a sign on the Map to see where it is located.

This feature is really interesting and exclusively convenient if we passage quite a bit with the car and not by routine sites. But we use this function very less when we go to work and to the garage of home as we know this two locations perfectly. However, this function will be very useful if we go to a new place or city that we do not know much as it is not a part of our usual, we may forget about where we have parked our car.

It will give notification and in fact a new bookmark is always created. If you feel notifications are annoying, you can disable it.

But remember if you turn off notifications, then you will lose all notifications, involving one-step navigation on an agenda.

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Steps to disable notifications on iPhone:

Open settings -> go to notifications -> select map -> disable notifications.

But the steps are entirely different if you like to disable the functions completely to find the car parked.

Open settings -> Go to map -> in the section YOU CAR, -> deactivate the option of car parked.

You can disable the notification when you park the car in the same place.

So, the small Apple map in our pocket helps to know where we parked our car easily. This will be very useful for the people who go for national and international trip by car.

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