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Sep 22

How To Connect Your Laptop To a TV

connect laptop to tv

There are many ways to connect your laptop to your TV by using different types of cables. If your are using new laptop and TV then the process will be more easier and you will get the better audio and video quality. Connect you laptop to tv using WD TV Live: WD TV Live is a …

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Jun 16

6 The Best Budget laptops For Students

cheapest laptop in india

Now you can buy a new supreme quality laptop without spending more money. Yes, there are some laptops available just for INR 25000 and less than 25,000 and you no need to worry about quality because these laptops are Supreme quality, Card readers, HDMI ports, has display of HD resolution, Built in graphics and much …

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Apr 28

Useful Gadgets for Science Students

Now technology has developed a lot. Technology offering a tons of resources for entertainment to study new things and there are some science gadgets for students. Using these gadgets they can study their lessons in interesting and fun way.

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Mar 27

5 Best iPad Math Apps for Kids

ipad math app

As we all know that learning and practicing math is bit difficult and boring for many kids. Of course kids always like to learn in fun way. By keeping this in mind, developers come up with ipad math app which teaches kids in most ingenious method. You can turn you normal kid to

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Mar 17

Best Selfie Apps To Click The Perfect Selfie

Best selfie apps

Now-a-day taking selfie is more popular as you don’t need of others help to take a picture and it is more popular among young generations. Owing to growing demand, all smartphone companies have fetched high-resolution front cameras in their mobiles and some smartphones came with dual flashes one for the front camera and one for …

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Feb 28

Way To Fix HTC Phone Not Turning On Or Charging.

Fix HTC phone not turning on or charging

You are not able to charge your HTC phone? HTC phone not turning on or not charging is a very common problem that HTC users facing now and then. If your phone suddenly goes off or does not get charged or not turned on even after getting charged and screen remains black. LED light not …

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Jan 21

Best Gadgets To Make Your Smart Phone to Super Smart Phone

Gesture Control Armband

This is a technology world and it is growing very faster which makes our work easy and ease. Previously we all used our phones only for making calls and sending text messages. But, now we are using it for watching movies, browsing internet, making calls, playing games, clicking photos etc. There are also some really …

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