Apr 13

Best GPS Apps That Works Without Internet Connection

When you are travelling on your own car / other vehicles with Google Map in your mobile, it is important to have full data balance. But what if there is negative signal on your mobile and cannot use Net connection? What is your next option to reach your destination?

Here are some best GPS apps which do not need any Net connection, so you can reach your target deprived of any problems.

These GPS apps will aid you to understand where you are. Don’t worry about less data balance or about poor signals. Just select the app that suits you and enjoy your ride.

Following are some best GPS apps.

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Best GPS Apps That Works Without Internet Connection

Best GPS Apps That Works Offline


Maps.me app is available free and lets you to download atlases from all around the world on your device, which you use offline whenever you want. Hence, it also bids points of interest, though if you like to keep them on map you should approach the paid version. The benefit of maps.me is its fluidity and speed.

App Features:

  • Maps.me is completely offline app. Internet connection not required and you can save roaming charges and money.
  • It proposals global maps. Here you can download even a little island which means the whole map. It is just like the whole world in your small pocket.
  • The main pro of this app is it never freezes, very fast and you can do whoosh in and whoosh out when you need.
  • This app is available in all the devices.

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Galileo offline maps 

This app is for outdoor activity lovers like hikers, cyclists, or travellers, because it comes with detail of all slopes and paths. Here you can save your chosen places and routes. Paid version lets you to record routes, distance in actual time and speed which you can use offline.

App features:

  • You can discover great places proximate with the unbelievable steadfast offline quest.
  • Record GPS trails for future use.
  • Bookmark your forthcoming locations and favoured locations.
  • Use your desired language.
  • Download maps from this app.

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If you are planning to lease a car, you may be intent in this app as it provides tracks and activities in actual time and comprises barriers that may appear alongside the way. Customers can also share info about police checks, accidents, or any other hazard. It works well with satellite technology and it available for free.

App features:

  • You will get warned afore you approach traffic jams, police, road hazards, accidents and everything was shared by other teamsters in concurrent. It is just like an intimate heads-up from a few thousands of your friends on the highway.
  • With society revised apps you won’t clash a dead end.
  • It also aids to save your money on fuel, each time you fill up. It aids you to direct to the inexpensive station on your track.
  • And it’s easy to see the other individuals (possibly your friends) only driving to your target when linked to the FB.

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