The Best Mind Mapping And Brainstorming Software Tools

Mind mapping is an excellent way to lay out your thoughts and brainstorm innovations. Instead of using simple lists, you can link ideas in several ways. You can think innovatively than linearly.

Mind mapping begins with a giant idea. From there your effort your way down into littler and littler notions.

The giant idea is like the trunk of a tree, every idea a branch (subdivision), every sub-idea a smaller fork (branch), and so on down till you move to the twigs and leaves. You can always follow any branch back to move to the key idea.

Out there you can find several mind mapping apps accessible and subsequently the creative process tends to be pretty personal, its bit tough to draw hard and fast ‘this is better’ assessments between them. The best mind map mentioned below are good; from them you can choose which suits you.

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5 of the Best Mind Mapping (Software) Tools is a mind mapping software tool based on web. This app is one of the easiest cloud brainstorming apps. Disparate other solution often try to do lot more but is purely focused on mind mapping. has both free and premium. Free plan are limited and has just three mind maps and has only basic features. In premium plan user can empower features like collaboration, revision history and realtime.

If you like to keep things as simple as possible then is the best choice for you. Premium plan starts at $6 per month.

XMind 8 

XMind 8 is a mind mapping software for Mac OS, iOS and Window. It is very professional app and the best mind map SW for Mac. There are three pricing options, XMind 8 for free, XMind 8 plus for $&9, Xmind Pro for $99. Xmind map is hyped as “the most popular mind mapping tool on the planet” and you can easily see it.

When you are creating mind maps with basic plan, you cannot export to other formats. In plus plan adds capability to export. Pro has many features like brain storming method to make design easier, presentation method which make easier to present your mind maps to you friends and collegues. Using XMind cloud you can sync mind maps between devices too.

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Wise mapping is a mind mapping free online software for business and individuals. As it runs with a browser, so you can access through all devices. If you are having your own business then you can use a copy of wise mapping on your server. This should ease every security concerns about using a web app.


Mindomo is a free and premium software for MacOS, Linus and Windows. There are iPad and Android sync apps too where you can work on mind plan even on travel.

A free Mindomo is limited up to three mind maps. If you want to do more like adding audio or video, backing your maps up so dropbox, export to other formats, you should go for paid plan.

Premium plan is $ 36 for 6 months and get one user account. In professional plan $ 90 for 6 months and gets 5 guest accounts one user and also enables guest editing.the team plan is $ 142 for 6 months and involves 5 user accounts.


Free mind is a mind mapping software available for free, it is an open source application for macOS, linux, and windows. It is pretty powerful and flexible, but less user friendly innate than some of the other solution. It is best for the one user as it doesn’t have far in the method of a collaboration features. If you are creating mind maps for you and the additional free options are imited because of paid plans.

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