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Apr 12

Record Your Desktop Screen With YouTube

how to Record Your Desktop Screen With Youtube

Now you can record a screencast video of your desktop screen with the help of YouTube and no software required to do that.

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Mar 09

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Really Save Your Time

Excel keyboard shortcut keys

Are you using computer frequently. Then you must have come across spread sheets / excel sheets. Excel sheet have tons of features to do your work, calculations etc. in an easier way. In the same way using excel keyboard shortcut is also an easier and quicker way of navigating and executing commands in computer software …

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Mar 04

Convert Emails In To PDF Over Email Itself:

convert emails

You can easily convert emails in to PDF over email itself. There is an email based file called “conversion service” it will let you to convert email messages, web hyperlinks, office documents in to PDF files. It supports HTML and text mails.

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Mar 03

Must Have Apps For Windows For Modest Living

best apps for windows

There are few interesting apps that gives you great feeling by changing your work life. These crucial apps for windows will make your work simpler that will give spare time and satisfaction.

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Feb 25

Create Rich HTML Signatures Right inside Gmail

Create Rich HTML Signatures Right inside Gmail

How to create html signature? Create rich HTML signatures with imageries in outgoing gmail messages. You can use it right inside gmail itself and no add-ons or browser extensions required for this. There are many way to create email signature like you can use HTML editor And copy paste entire thing to gmail message or …

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Feb 23

Most Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

WINDOWS  KEY + OTHER  KEYS :   Windows key display or hide start menu. Win+D               Dispay the desktop Win+E               Open my computer Win+F                Display find Win+L                Locks screen. Win+M                Minimizes all open window. Win+R                Displays the run command. Win+U                Open utility manager. Win+Ctrl+F         Display find : Computer Win+Ctrl+M        Restores all minimized windows. Win+Tab             Cycle through the buttons on the taskbar.  

Feb 11

List Of Sites That Providing Free ebooks

Many of us love reading books but you can’t carry all the books everywhere. However the growth of mobile devices made it easy to use… yes, there are lot of websites which provides you thousands of free eBook to download. You can also download eBooks on your laptops, PC, mobiles phones and other devices in …

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