WhatsApp Business App With New Features – How to use

Now whatsapp business app is available for download. The goal of this app is to make it easier for firms to connect with his customers. The logo of this app is ‘B’ and there numerous new features in the whatsapp business app that you will not find in the normal version. Whatsapp business app can be downloaded using apk file.

If you are not a beta tester you won’t see this app on google play right away.WhatsApp Business App With New Features for enterprises – How to use

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How to install WhatsApp Business app and use

To install WhatsApp business app, users have to register themselves by giving their contact number. A Business profile can be created by adding the profile picture, website, description of the business, address and other related information.

You can also migrate every important chats from old whatsapp account to new whatsapp business account. This migration option can been seen during the process of registration. And The company has openly stated that users should remove their old WhatsApp app if registered with the same phone number “because that will source a reversal back to your old account should you reopen the old app.”

There is one more excellent feature introduced with this business app is auto responses. Whilst the name indicates, the feature answers on the owner’s behalf to interrogations by customers. The message will be sent to the customer when chatting in a private window. You can also turn off this feature. In groups the message will display up once a customer @states the person.

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Missing Messages can also be organized. Users can set it by clicking on the three-dot option on the upper right corner in ‘Settings’.

How to use both app in single mobile

If you want to use both personal and business version in one smartphone, then its better to go for dual SIM mobile and register both with different numbers. (or) If you want to use it with single SIM then register the business account with landline number.



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