5 Best Tools To Reduce The Size Of Your Photos

There are 5 best tools that helps you to reduce the size and weight of the pictures. The following tools helps to compress the image without losing its quality pixels.

Best Tools to Reduce the Size of your Photos

5 Best Tools to Reduce the Size of your Photos

Tiny JPG

Tiny JPG offers a online service for free and simple to use. Just drag the image (PNG or JPG) that you want to alter the size now tinypng will do the rest. Once it is ready just click on the download you are done. It reduces the image without spoiling the quality of the images.

Here you can upload and change up to 20 images (no sign up required). If you want to compress more images, just close and reopen the browser. Your account is reset again. Now you can start compress your images. TinyJPG has a free plugin for wordpress and added fee for photoshop.

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Compressor.io is also one of the best tools which lets us to decrease the weight of images in PNG, JPEG, GIF and SVG formats. You can do this in two alternatives: lossy and lossless. Lossless maintains quality by cutting down the weight of the photo and  lossy compress the file by 90%, though reducing the quality.

Compressor.io is free. Here you can upload files up to 10MB and lets you to watch the before and after just by passing the mouse over the image: in an appeared white bar, you can see the difference between the original and the reduced image.

Just click on the try it button on home page, choose the option you want (lossy or lossless) and drag the photo. Then, Compressor.io will display you the info about compression and weight, and also the buttons for downloading the image and the probability of sending them to Google  Dropbox or Drive.


Compressnow is free and lets you to reduce the size of JPG, PNG, JPEG AND GIF images by selecting level of reduction you want. To reduces the image you can use the percentages always keep the original sizes.

Here you can upload upto 9 MB. To compress the image just drag the image in the box on the left side and click on the “compress” tab that shows in the centre. On the right side, you will get your compressed image and you can download it.

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Web resizer

Web resizer is free and by using it you can reduce the size of file as well as you can also edit them. You have many functions like change the size, cut, rotate, reduce weight of image and improve general settings like brightness, contrast or saturation automatically.

Web resizer does not need any registration and file should not exceed 10 MB. If you want to use it, just upload to image you want to alter, do the changes you to do and click on “apply changes. To download, click on right mouse and click “save image as”.

Puny PNG

Puny PNG lets you to compress the pictures in JPG, PNG and GIF in an enormous way, though with an essential limitation: you can upload up to 20 files with a highest of 500 KB in size individually.

It is free but has a fee option to upload pictures in bunch or decrease the weight of the pictures.

Hope this article will help you to full fill your requirement to change images. If you want us to include any other important tools to this article, let us know via comment section below and we will get back to you to resolve all your doubts.


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