5 Best Free Fax Online Services

Many people like to send fax instead of sending email as they feel that writing on a paper can’t be compared to send an electronic email.

You don’t need any keen fax machine to send a fax as you can send faxes with/to your computer and no hardware expenses.

There are some best online fax services available for free that offer you a choice of sending a fax and receiving a fax deprived of spending anything. Before sending a fax you need to check out some good cover sheets as it will lessen time for arranging your message in a professional manner.

Note: Many of the following fax services are premium type, which means they allow you to send a free fax for a limited period or fixed number of times only. So, it better to go through respectively and choose what’s best for you.

5 best free fax online services

List of fax online services

Faxzero (www.faxzero.com)

Faxzero service allows users to send two faxes for free per day. They sort it very simple for the user with a small form that just needs the basic information required to send the fax. They will update the status of the fax through email and the reversal time is very fast.

If you looking for the effective way to manage many incoming faxes or a way to personalize your outgoing faxes, and these choices are all available online. Take benefit of the upgrades that free online fax services bid and you can send and receive faxes to realize ow simple it is.

Got free fax (www.gotfreefax.com)

Got free fax is a service comes with more options like sending faxes in multi format files likem .rtf, .odt. They offer two faxes free per day three pages included in those faxes. US and Canada visitors can enjoy these free services.

Got free fax has a another useful feature is that it stores your faxes for five day, so if you want to send the fax again which you recently sent you no need to re-upload it. In Got free fax premium account you have encrypted networks for every fax you send, that method your fax information remains secure.

PamFax (www.pamfax.biz)

Pamfax is another site that allows you to send some faxes for free. This service is fully united with skype.  It is a highly secured and favorite site as it wires many file formats other than DOC or PDF file that most online fax services need. All you need to do to send fax in pamfax is just upload the file and enter the recipient’s info.

You can also download pamfax desktop client for windows, Mac, Android and linux. Its desktop client also includes scanner support and offers well printing option.

MyFax (www.myfax.com)

Persons faxing internationally will need to try the freefax upgrade from myfax. Mayfax lets users to 100 faxes per month for free and get 200 for free. It is compatible with all types of files and assimilates effortlessly with Outlook and Microsoft Office.

My fax service bids different account management features comprising password protection, local and toll-free fax numbers, auto resend and many ways to access support.

Popfax (www.popfax.com)

In popfax you can fax right away from your computer. Popfax faxes worldwide. You can try popfax for free when sign up for a trail and you need to install any software. Your files can be kept in their system for one month.

In Popfax you can send fax in easier method by creating a new group with your contact lists. Popfax also provides Mail merging feature that lets you to send fax to many people at once and also allows you to add personal information of each receiver. Its mobile edge is clean and simple which makes it an perfect applicant to send fax through your mobile device.

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