5 Best Apps That Help You Stick To Your Goals

Are you struggling to maintain a self-discipline, on sticking to your goals, and other personal tasks? No worries, there are many goal setting apps to help you. You can download the free goal setting apps in your smartphones or tabs to stay responsible, to achieve yours without any delay and on track with your habits. 

Best Goal setting Apps

5 Best Apps That Help You Stick To Your Goals


Strides is a great and power app and easy to use app. It is available on iOS. Here you can set reminders so you will not forget to continue daily habits which leads to achieve your bigger goal. Just choose a goal(suggested by app), set a goal by entering a goal importance or a particular date and then state the achievement you want to do to chance it into a habit. The Strides app allows you trail it all by day, week, month, year or even on a progressing standard. All of your records is synced to your account so you always see your up-to-date stats whether you access it from a mobile device, the web or somewhere else.

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Way of life

Way of life is a app that everyone likes to use as it shows your progress in charts and graphs. Select the goal deed, say the app whether the deed is good / bad for you (like eating healthy = good whereas junk food = bad) and then you will develop a day-to-day reminder to enter what you did or did not perform in rapports of your goals. Over time, you will have sufficient data to display your sequences, pie charts, bar charts with craze lines, and all kinds of other slick details. Way of life is available on iOS.


Goalsontrack is a mobile app and also a web based which helps user to progress and stick to ambitions based on the SMART goal setting trend. SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. The app assists you to break up big goals into littler chunks so they are not as overpowering, recommending one-off animations and offline tracking so now you can easily track how long you devote on tasks. This app is available iOS and Android. The built-in journaling feature in the app gives you the chance to get precise by writing in detail concerning your goals and advancement.

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Rewire is a app available only on android. The rights to be developed on the idea that elements can be used to encourage you to stick with it. This app is created in a way that inspires you to clash your daily goals. The beautiful graphs presented to outlook your progress. You can also use reminders to confirm that you not ever forget to stay on track.

Here you can distinct your goal in to systematised category for your work, health, personal life etc.


A tracker app offers you farther insights into how you are using your time. For routines like getting ready in the morning, answering emails, commuting, spending time online, watching TV, studying etc. ATracker can assist you to manage it, so you will not go overboard on the wrong things.

When you begin to tracking your time for all your routine habits, you will be skilled to meet a good breakdown of it all in a pie chart. You will also get a bigger sketch glance by gazing at your breakdown over the earlier week, month or other pre-set range.

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