5 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android

You may require this app in many situations. These call recorder apps will record your call and also automatically email it to you for later use.

While Having an important discussion you may perhaps forget some vital information’s when the call ends? Or perchance desiring proof for solving some disputes. And sometimes you may want to note down some important points but you did not find paper or pen while you are on call. But you can solve all these problems by recording you calls.

Yes, there are lots of call recording apps in Google Play. Here are some best call recorder apps for android.

5 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android

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5 Best Call Record Apps For Android

Super Call Recorder

Super call recorder app is a free call recorder app for android and easy to use. Just onstal this app and enable it by one tap, now it will record all your outgoing and incoming calls. It records the voice from both the sides and recorded voice is very clear with no disturbance. This app comes with an inbuilt audio player which you utilize to play the recordings.

Call Recorder – ACR

Call recorder app is a free recorder app for android. It is highest downloaded call recorder app on Google play store. It has many great features. It has both automatic and manual recording feature and you can also safeguard all your recordings. Call recorder marks all the recording as significant so it won’t get auto deleted. You can do auto delete old recordings or you can delete all unwanted recording to save space in your smartphone.

In pro version, you can combine it with Google drive, Drop box or FTP so the recordings will be stored there and not in your mobile storage.

Auto Call Recorder

Auto call recorder app too comes under a good free call recorder app for android. It is light weight. You can record the calls in many formats. It records all outgoing and incoming calls with clear sound. It has many features like password defend your call recordings, contact backups, smart undetermined caller details notification etc.

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Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic call recorder is a free app for android. Here you can set which call to be recorded and which should be snubbed. Yet, the app developers explain that on certain devices quality may be lesser, so it is well that you first try the free version on your device. If you are assured that it is working good on your device, then you can turn for its premium version.  The recordings will be hoarded in the mobile’s memory. When the memory is full, older recordings lead to delete when latest recordings are stored. Furthermore, you can combine it with Google Drive to store your recordings there.

Jit Call Recorder

Jit call recorder is also a free call recorder app for android and it has lot of features. It comes with in-built support features for root and non-rooted devices. It displays an on-screen widget, you can use it to start or pause recordings any time in the call. Here you can also set manual or automatic recording as per your necessity. It has the visible design that you can easily modify as per your desire. And it has Automatic backup to Dropbox feature which helps to save space on your mobile.

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